Executor Kung Fu

Executors or Anyone Who Will be…

“Everything You Know About Handling an Estate Is Probably Wrong and Can Get You Sued.

Before It’s Too Late Read This to Avoid Costly Mistakes”

Executors can get into trouble.

Recent legal and social changes have forced executors to adjust how they do their work.

   Memo from: Ed Olkovich, Toronto Lawyer, Author and Certified Specialist in Estates & Trusts Law – with 30 plus years of experience advising executors…

What if I told you … everything you know about being an executor of an estate

• is probably wrong and outdated

• does not work today

• will not protect you from being a target in a  lawsuit

Lawsuits create stress, financial strain, and possibly can ruin you.   

How Do You Defend Yourself as Executor?

Take a second look at any executor checklist you have received. It won’t mention the traps executors can fall into.

Most executors think it’s an honor to be chosen.

But carrying out a person’s last wishes does not give you immunity.

Your good intentions can still get you into trouble.

What you really need to know as an estate executor is how to stay out of trouble.

Mistakes Can Be Easily Made

You, as an executor, need strategies to avoid being sued. Lawsuits against you can come from

•  Creditors, such as the income tax department, former spouses and banks

•  Claims from beneficiaries resulting from your mistakes

•  Claims to pay court costs

•  Claims resulting from co-executors

You Pay for Mistakes out of Your Own Pocket or Purse.

No one teaches you about personal liability as an executor.
So let me give you a short list of what executors are sued for:

• bad investment decisions

• not earning interest on estate funds

• failing to carry out duties in a timely fashion

• keeping incomplete financial records

• treating beneficiaries inappropriately

• distributing estate property improperly

• not complying with court orders and requests

• failing to pay creditors

• incurring penalties and interest charges

• allowing others to make decisions that only executors can make

• selling assets below market value

• not reading and following the terms of the will

• negligence

• not supervising or consulting co-executors

 Finally, There Is a Solution

Executor Kung Fu
Master Any Estate in Three Easy Steps

The good news is that I can, in one hour or less, help you make probate painless.

Like kung fu masters, executors are required toExecutor Kung Fu: Master Any Estate In Three Easy Steps

• know the background

• gather information

• have discipline and compassion

But, unlike kung fu masters, executors do not have years to develop these skills.

As an estate executor, you’ll learn on the job.

You need professional advice; doing your homework will make your job less stressful.

Executor Kung Fu will give you the shortcuts, tricks and tips to work smarter and faster. 

                            “This easy-to-follow guide is the
Jim Ruta Business Coach & Author       world’s first self-defence manual
for executors. It will get you
started and organized to handle
any estate.” – Jim Ruta,
Business Coach & Author


With this guide, you will learn to tackle and tame any estate…from Day One.

Learn how to…

• avoid the 10 things executors must never do

• start right to prevent problems

• handle the dangers involved with real estate, family business and investments

• survive a funeral

• use the Executor’s Mantra to manage an estate

• prepare an estate inventory

• get paid the only way executors can

• avoid potential liabilities and lawsuits

Praise for Executor Kung Fu

“I like the way Ed breaks up complicated executor tasks into bite-size pieces that are easy to understand…”

- Wayne Baxter, CFP, Senior Associate, Investment Planning Counsel
Host of AM 740’s Right on the Money, Toronto

“Easy to read and use.”

- Milton Zwicker, Lawyer and Author

“Every executor should read this.”

- Brad Huxtable, Lawyer, Sheldon Huxtable Professional Corporation


Order Executor Kung Fu now to get instant access.

But there’s more

Executor’s Tools Section

You will get detailed checklists to open and close the estate and get paid as an executor.

- The probate process at a glance

- Forms, websites and more

- Cash receipt journals

- Time management tools

- How to color organize your files

- Sample letters you can write

- Income and probate tax info including deadlines

- What a will looks like

- A sample contract to hire an estate lawyer to probate the estate

You could pay hundreds of dollars and more to get all this information from a lawyer.

You have nothing to lose.

Please call 1.877.679.4557 for more information about this ebook.

Use Executor Kung Fu to stay on track during your journey as executor.

Ed Olkovich
President of EstateTherapy Inc.

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P.S. Executors often come into my law office burnt out. They did not know what was expected of them. It’s too late to tell them what they should have done. Order Executor Kung Fu to protect yourself and avoid any regrets.
For your protection

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