Choosing Executors

Choosing Executors: Your Formula for Success (ebook) by Ed OlkovichHow to Choose an Executor

Your Formula for Success

Finally You Can Stop Struggling and Choose the Right Estate Executor

Executors take care of what is precious – your money and your loved ones. So who should you trust to be your executor?

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Choosing Executors - Your Formula for Success

Choosing Executors will help you understand the tasks, duties and skills required of your executor.

As an author of several estate books, I know how to make this process simple with plain language.

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You will get the Executor Essentials to clear up any mystery about who should be put in charge.

You'll learn how to avoid any bad apples.

What do Executors Need?

Executors need to make decisions for you after you're gone. You'll learn the specific powers executors need.

3 Key Factors in Choosing Executors

Executors have legal obligations. They don't just fill out forms and pay your bills.

The person you choose must be trustworthy, financially competent and stable.

Don't ignite a spark by choosing a misfit. This mistake can devastate your estate and your beneficiary's inheritance.

In Choosing Executors you'll learn:

  • executor basics
  • why executor bonding is important how family feuds start and how to avoid them
  • the executor's circle showing their legal duties
  • 5 criteria for selecting your executor
  • what special tasks your executor must perform
  • how to avoid conflicts of interest
  • steps to compare your list of potential executors
  • how to make your executor successful

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 $57.95 This E-book is a PDF

Please call 1.877.679.4557 for more information about this ebook.

Will you be creating a special needs trust in your will for minor children?

The fundamentals of trusts are explained. The benefits of trusts in second marriages and life estate options are considered.

Answers, Answers and More Answers

You will find answers to the 7 most frequently asked executor questions, including:

1.must executors give consent?

2. can executors get professional help?

3. can beneficiaries be executors?

4. how do executors get paid?

5. can all my children be executors?

6. when do executors begin their duties?

7. what is the difference between attorneys and executors?

The Executors Scorecard™ will allow you to choose the right executor.

You'll get a chart to compare:

family or nonfamily members
spouses or children
business partners or
corporate trustees

You will learn if the best choice may be a combination of the above.

Choosing Executors is a complete step-by-step guide divided into 8 easy-to-read chapters. Each has a summary of items you must remember.

You'll find a glossary of legal terms you need to know.

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