How to Deal with Executor Problems

Should you decline to act as an executor? Well, you can make an expensive mistake if you don’t.

But don’t worry. I can help keep you out of trouble.

I can help executors deal with

•  Difficult beneficiaries

•  Real estate responsibilities

•  Foreign ...

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Solve Problems with Estate Mediation

Is an estate dispute causing you stress? These problems can eat up time and money.

I know the best way to resolve them.

You might think “This sounds too good to be true, Ed.” Well, your lawyer can’t guarantee you’ll win in court. You could end up paying your lawyer ...

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How to Contest a Will

Are you shaking your head and wondering “How could I be left out of the will?” It happens, but there’s an easy solution to your problems.

Let me explain.

You need a lawyer to prove the other side’s wrong. But just one hour with a lawyer can cost you hundreds ...

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How to Start Estate Planning Today

Are you confused and unable to start your estate planning? According to Emma Ann Hughes’ article, you’re not alone. I’ll give you three easy ways to start your estate planning. One is totally free.

Many British adults say they don't know where to begin their estate planning either. ...

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Executor Income Tax Duties

As the legal representative for an estate, executors must do 5 things:

1. File all required tax returns for the deceased.

These returns could be personal or for the deceased’s business. Multiple tax returns can sometimes be filed to save the estate money.

2. Hire a tax advisor to protect ...

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Your Estate Planning Summary

Here is a summary of what your Estate Plan does to save you time and money. It will help you organize your thoughts for when you meet your lawyer.

Let’s look at the essential documents you’ll need:

1. Will

•  Names an executor and backup executor

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Ontario Power of Attorney Problems

Ask Ed: Submit your estate questions to

Advisor Question: Are Home-Made Powers of Attorney Dangerous?

Ed's Answer:

Power of Attorney (POA) fraud is common. I no longer recommend that people rely on do-it-yourself power of attorney forms or kits. I‘ll explain the risk, and why clients need to ...

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Is Estate Planning Confusing You?

How secure is your family? Is estate planning confusing you? Sign-up for my free estate webinars.

My free webinars are online presentations on estate planning topics. You’ll learn 3 estate planning secrets in 30 minutes.

I host the webinars every Wednesday in November from 7:00- 7:30 PM EST. ...

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Ask Ed: When Estate Planning Clients Disinherit

Mary wants to cut out a niece from her will. Is this a simple matter?

According to Mary, it is a simple change. She can prepare a one page document herself and have her neighbours sign as witnesses.

Is she correct?

What would a lawyer do when reviewing Mary's wishes?


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Ask Ed: Estate Planning Dangers When Codicils Change Wills

Submit your estate questions here. I will select and answer them on my blog. I will not mention names if you wish to remain anonymous.    Advisor Question:   Clients ask what’s involved in updating or changing a will. It should be an inexpensive and simple process, right?

Ed’s answer:


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