Our Story

The EstateTherapy™ Story

What's the Secret to Estate Planning?

I started looking for this secret in the 1990's as I taught estate planning. I literally wrote hundreds of published pages on wills and estates.

Travelling across Canada, I spoke to law students, lawyers, financial advisors, executives, clients and charities.

During the past ten years, I did hundreds of hours of seminars, television, radio and print interviews.

I discovered that estate planning looks like this picture:

Estate Planning

You want your money to go straight to the people you love.

I learned this is a three-step process. Let me take a moment to explain.

Step 1 Protect Your Money

I wrote a book to explain this called, Estate to the Heart.

It is designed to protect your money, avoid delays, unnecessary costs and expenses.

But protecting your money is only the first step.

Step 2 What's so special about Estate Executors?

Your executor will take control of all your money when you die.

Executors seldom have experience or training.

Executors have legal duties and personal liability.

Claims against executors can come from:


To help executors, I wrote Executor Kung Fu to make probate painless.

Even in the best families, disagreement can arise. This leads you to the third step in the estate planning process.

Step 3 Dealing with Estate Lawsuits and Loved Ones

I noticed many legal changes since 1978.

Estate lawsuits are more frequent. They can waste your money and hurt your family.

I call this Executor’s Disease™ since executors are involved.

Estate lawsuits are caused by a number of factors:
estate planners who have no experience with disputes
people still make simple planning mistakes
executors do not understand their legal duties

The Bottom Line

EstateTherapy™ is a system to help family inherit your money.

What Estate Planning Looks Like

You Need a System to Help

EstateTherapy™ uses a simple three step system.

We will help you protect your money, probate an estate and pay your loved ones.

You benefit from understanding this estate planning process.

Step 1 You protect your money for your loved ones.
Step 2 Your executor probates your estate.
Step 3 Your loved ones now benefit from your estate.

Protecct Money, Executors Probate, Family Benefits

Everything Does Not Go as Planned

Traditional estate planning is designed to prevent problems.

Changes in society and the law can make plans ineffective.

Estate lawsuits consume your money, executors and your loved ones.

Planning and executors' mistakes can lead to lawsuits. These conflicts freeze an estate and cause it to bleed money.

I defined this epidemic as Executor's Disease™. You can learn more in my free ebook.